Earth observation - a suite of activities used to gather data about the earth from satellites, aircraft, remotely piloted systems and more - is ever increasingly underpinning decision-making. This need has driven rapid expansion in the number and variety of research, processing, innovation and collection bodies who service it. The technology is also rapidly changing and developing.

Since its inception from the common vision of colleagues who saw the need for a unifying focus within this developing and complex industry, EOA Inc. has grown significantly. We now have around 500 members, host whole-of-community meetings and webinars regularly and are planning to deliver a national earth observation forum (conference) in 2020 with the aims of connection and capacity building.

Various working groups are progressing EOA through the stages described below. The Earth Observation for Government Network has also been established for the specific purpose of addressing a critical function outlined in the AEOC Plan (to more effectively coordinate and link Australian Government agencies to key state/territory agencies and EO industry and research sectors.