NovaSAR-1 Data Products & Access Survey

The CSIRO Centre for Earth Observation is operating NovaSAR-1 as an Australian National Facility, providing open-access S-band SAR data to researchers, government and industry. NovaSAR-1 is currently in its commissioning phase with the start of service scheduled for the end of March 2019. The Centre for Earth Observation have requested input, from all those interested in using NovaSAR-1, on preferences for data products and access.

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Queensland Space Industry Capability Survey

Earlier this month, on 11 December, Stuart Phinn attended the Queensland Space Industry Capability focus group, hosted by Deloitte Access Economics Pty Ltd.

Deloitte are currently undertaking a capability audit of the Queensland sector to gain an understanding of the Queensland space economy.  They have reached out to Earth Observation Australia to request input into this study from those of our members who have a good understanding of the Queensland space sector.

You are invited to contribute to the survey here

If you have any questions please contact Dr Pradeep Philip of Deloitte Access Economics Pty Ltd @

NSW Remote Sensing Tender Opportunity

Remote Sensing Services and Equipment Prequalification Scheme - SCM5841

Agency: NSW Procurement
Category: Engineering and Research and Technology Based Services

Spatial Services, a division of the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI), has established the Remote Sensing Services and Equipment Prequalification Scheme (the Scheme). The scheme covers the acquisition, processing and supply of spatial data and remote sensing services. The scheme has been established as part of the NSW Governments procurement reforms, which aim to simplify contracts and tenders and improve opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises to do business with the NSW Government The Remote Sensing Services and Equipment Prequalification Scheme will be administered by the Spatial Services Scheme Manager. The scheme manager is responsible for managing the work categories, evaluating submissions for new suppliers, supporting customers in the sourcing process and running the supplier performance management system, as well as other general management tasks. The operation of the scheme is overseen by a Scheme Committee with membership from Spatial Services internal. Updates will be provided to independent organisations such as the NSW Imagery and Elevation Working Group and the Location and Leadership Group. The Scheme Committee is responsible for governance of the Scheme, including, endorsing and participating in supplier performance reviews, and providing direction and guidance on Scheme operations.

Close Date & Time: 3-Dec-2023 11:45 PM

CubeSat to Lift Veil on our Environment's Extremes

CubeSat to Lift Veil on our Environment's Extremes

Australia's national science agency, CSIRO, announced (5 December 2018) that it would be extending its Earth observation capabilities by acquiring Australia's first CubeSat designed to detect invisible infrared light.

To be known as CSIROSat-1, the new satellite will allow researchers from CSIRO and other institutions to ‘see' features that can't otherwise be seen using satellite imagery in the visible spectrum.

Although the satellite is a pilot and relatively small, the data collected will be valuable for detecting land cover changes such as flooding events or deforestation, detecting bushfires through smoke, and studying cloud formation and the development of tropical cyclones, as well as many other applications.

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Have your say on the draft Cost Recovery Implementation Statement

The Australian Space Agency wants to hear your views on proposed cost recovery charges for approvals under updated regulatory arrangements which will commence on or before 31 August 2019.

The consultation seeks comments on:

  • initial estimates of demand for approvals

  • how estimated costs compare to other costs for space-related projects

  • any potential impacts from setting the fee amounts

  • the impact a decision on a full or partial cost recovery model would have on your business or projects

This feedback will support the Government’s consideration on an appropriate charging model.

Read the draft Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (CRIS) and provide feedback.

Submissions due by 13 December 2018

Australian Space Agency contact details:
phone: +61 2 6276 1166