Whole of Community Meeting

Hosted by Graciela Metternicht, UNSW & EOA Management Committee Member


  • Welcome and aims for the webinar

  • Current status and engagement:

    • Industry Profile: Trident (Eddie Kato and Nick Karangelen)

    • Australian Space Agency (Joe Andrews)

    • University of Queensland (Stuart Phinn)

    • Go2Q Pty Ltd (Lachlan McKinna)

  • Earth Observation Australia activities:

    • EOA Steering Committee and plans (Sylvia Michael)

    • Earth Observation Forum 2020 (Renee Bartolo, Department of Environment & Energy))

  • Interactive session:

    • Presentation:

      Mapping Vegetation Structure with Earth Observation Data (Adrian Fisher, Joint Remote Sensing Research Program)

    • Panel discussion:

      Moderator - Graciela Metternicht (University of New South Wales)
      The panel - Adrian Fisher (JRSRP, University of Queensland); Marta Yebra (Australian National University); Arko Lucieer (University of Tasmania)

  • Next meeting: 10 October, 11:00 AEST

  • Close.

Meeting Recording