Whole of Community Meeting

Hosted by Professor Stuart Phinn (University of Queensland)


There is a lot going on across industry, government, defence, and research in Australia and internationally in Earth Observation. Our Space Agency has also started formally and is moving in a range of directions.

We have several working groups addressing the 10 year plan for EO, and we will hear from them along with key industry, national and international updates during this webinar. 

Meeting Agenda

  • Welcome and aims for the webinar:  Earth Observation for Australia – 2026 and Australia’s Space Agency.

  • Implementing Australian Earth Observation Community Plan 2026: Priorities, operations for 2018, steering committees and working groups, and engagement opportunities:

    • EOA Steering Committee activities and plans,

    • EOA AEOCP Working Group update.

  • Current Status and Engagement:

    • Australia’s Space Agency (Stuart Phinn, University of Queensland)

    • Digital Earth Australia - program update (Norman Mueller, Geoscience Australia)

    • Digital Earth Australia - surface reflectance validation update (Tim Malthus, CSIRO)

    • Digital Earth Australia - private industry engagement program (Eva Rodriguez, CRCSi/FrontiersSi)

    • Australia - international EO collaborations (Jono Ross, Geoscience Australia)

    • CSIRO EO activities (Alex Held, CSIRO)

    • National Collaborative Research Infrastructure and EO (Stuart Phinn/Jono Ross)

    • Industry profile: Arlula (Sebastian Chaoui, Arlula)

    • EO private industry collaborations – SIBA (Deanna Hutchinson), National EO Analytics Hub (Stuart Phinn)

    • EO Australia Conference (Stuart Phinn)

  • Next steps and meeting(s)

  • Close


Meeting Recording