Whole of Community Meeting

Presented by Stuart Phinn, University of Queensland


At the time of writing this Australia now has at least one policy for a “Science and Industry Agency & Space Industry Program”  from one our political parties. In its justification and associated media support, it is entirely EO based, then as usual, this is nowhere to be seen as a building block or focus in the policy. This meeting reviewed the status of Australia’s nascent Space Capability Industry policies, providing a critical assessment and indication of why EO is the justification for this policy, but is not built by it.  We highlighted the potential paths for moving our community’s agenda and activities forward in this context so that EO is a pillar or building and delivering the capability of Australia’s future Space Industry.

Meeting Agenda

  • Welcome and aims for the webinar:  Earth Observation for Australia - 2026
  • Implementing Australian Earth Observation Community Plan 2026: Priorities, operations for 2018, steering committees and working groups, and engagement opportunities.
  • Current Status + Engagement:  
    • Australia’s Space Agency and EO and other policies
    • EOA Position on Australia’s “Space Industry Capability” and policy
    • EOA Community Role in building our “Space Industry Capability”
    • Defence, dual-use and EO
    • National Collaborative Research Infrastructure and EO
    • Spatial Agenda 2026
    • Australia – International Engagement in EO (CEOS etc)
  • Next steps and meeting(s)
  • Close


Meeting Recording