Whole of Community Meeting

Hosted by Sylvia Michael


Presentation on the current status and future plans for national and state earth observation, activities across government, industry and science in Australia.


  • Welcome and aims for the webinar. 

  • Earth Observation Australia activities:

    • EOA steering committee and plans (Sylvia Michael, Gaia Resources)

    • Earth Observation Forum 2020 (Karen Joyce, James Cook University)

  • Current status and engagement:

    • Australia’s Space Agency (Joe Andrews, Australian Space Agency)

    • Industry profile (not covered during this meeting)

    • Digital Earth Australia:

      • Program update (Claire Krause, Geoscience Australia)

      • Industry consultation update (Eva Rodriguez, FrontierSi)

    • Australia - international EO collaborations and GEO XVI Plenary & Ministerial Summits (Jonathon Ross, Geoscience Australia)

    • CSIRO Centre for Earth Observation EO activities (Kimberley Clayfield, CSIRO)

    • National Collaborative Research Infrastructure and EO (Stuart Phinn)

    • SIBA (Stuart Phinn on behalf of Deanna Hutchinson)

    • National EO Analytics Hub/SmartSAT CRC (Stuart Phinn)

  • Next steps and meeting(s).

  • Close.

Meeting Recording