First cross-sectoral Australian EO data users workshop

On 6−7 August, for the first time all relevant earth observation data dependent state, territory and commonwealth agencies met with associated university and research groups to determine how best to link government needs to research activities over short and long terms.

The workshop was funded by Geoscience Australia and delivered through Earth Observation Australia.

Attendees reviewed a draft database of EO data and products. This ranged from those that were only at the stage of research and testing in small areas, through to those that have been tested on continental scales (but which are not being produced in a form for relevant operational state and territory and commonwealth agency use).

There was clear support from all participants to continue and build on this collaboration. Participants were keen for state/territory to commonwealth and cross institutional discussion and cooperation to be built on, and for the database to be reviewed. This would provide a clear process for Australian EO activities to be better coordinated across research, research infrastructure, government and industry.