Industry track launch at GEO week 2019


Technology and space companies from around the world are invited to participate in the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) GEO Week 2019 as part of the brand new Industry Track. GEO Week 2019 will be held in Canberra, Australia, from 4-9 November 2019 and will include the GEO Ministerial Summit. The GEO Ministerial Summit occurs every four years and brings together Minister’s from GEO’s 105 member governments, the theme for the 2019 summit is - “Earth observations: investments in the digital economy”.

The launch of the Industry Track recognises the important role companies play in harnessing the full potential of Earth observations and the need to build relationships between the commercial sector and the GEO community. The Industry Track includes a range of activities and events designed to give companies a platform to promote their capabilities to a large and diverse audience, network with GEO Ministerial Summit participants, forge new partnerships, conclude deals and announce new initiatives. Industry Track activities and events will take place from Tuesday to Thursday during GEO Week 2019, more information on the discussions that will take place can be found in the Industry Track program.

There are opportunities through the Industry Track to provide presentations and participate in the Exhibition at GEO Week 2019.

Early registration is recommended!