JOINT ROSES - TOSCA Call on Surface Water and Oceanography Topography (SWOT) Science Team 2020-2024

TOSCA Call for proposals Selection

Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) is a satellite mission being jointly developed by NASA and CNES (Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales), the French space agency, with contributions from the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and the United Kingdom Space Agency (UKSA) and is currently scheduled for launch in September 2021.

The development of the SWOT program will take a very important step in the coming months with the selection of the future scientific team (ST: Science Team) that will accompany the project until after the launch.

The CNES, in agreement with NASA, is launching a call for SWOT scientific proposals. The CNES call is open to French and international laboratories. US scientists will reply to this call through the NASA ROSES program. French teams that are selected will be funded through the French national TOSCA program. International collaborators selected onto the SWOT Science Team will have to ensure that their activities are financed by their national bodies.

The objective of this call will be to select a Science Team (ST) to assist with prelaunch and post-launch scientific development for the SWOT mission. The selection will be conducted in coordination with NASA, CSA and UKSA. The ST will function for the period April 2020 through March 2024, covering key pre-launch preparations, post-launch calibration and validation, and initial scientific exploitation. Its role, along with relevant scientific research, will be to provide expert guidance to the SWOT project in the areas of measurement requirements, product definition, geophysical error sources, algorithm development, calibration, validation, and liaison with the broader science and applications communities.

Information on the SWOT mission and its capability to fulfill the objectives laid out for it can be found at the SWOT web sites ( and Dedicated pages to support this call, gathering the most important information, will be added to both web servers in the coming weeks. An information will be sent out when this is completed by CNES and NASA teams.

Attached are the list of priorities that have been defined in hydrology, oceanography, and for the synergetic sciences.

You are invited to send us your proposals by Friday 30 October at the latest through the CNES Research proposals website. This deadline is in agreement with the NASA / ROSES AO calendar.

Reminder: for other CNES APR (aka TOSCA) proposals out of the scope of the SWOT mission, the deadline is June 12th as mentioned on the TOSCA website

The SWOT proposal response forms must be validated by the proponent’s laboratory director. Proposals will be sent to the usual contacts for oceanography and continental surfaces (information on the TOSCA CNES Research proposals website).

Proposals will be selected for a period of 4 years (April 2020/March 2024) with an annual assessment of the underway progress of the work. As for previous calls, French teams are encouraged to pursue active coordination and collaboration with US and other international Teams where possible and deemed useful.
Note that for any French projects with other participating countries, the funding on the CNES side will be reserved for the French teams.

A project Selection Committee will meet in November to evaluate the proposals. The next ST will officially begin its work in April 2020.

If you have any questions, the Points of Contact are the following :