Digital Earth Australia -- First Look Webinar


The 2018 Federal Budget allocated AU$36.9 million to Digital Earth Australia (DEA), a world-class infrastructure that uses satellite data to detect physical changes across Australia in extraordinary detail.

For the first time, DEA will be demonstrated through a live webinar, providing the first look at how anyone in Australia can begin using this tool and its associated data. We will be covering the visualisation, access, services and analytical powers of DEA -- no matter your background or skill level, you’ll leave with a deeper understating of its potential.

DEA takes petabytes of information locked in the Australian Government’s satellite data archives and combines it with data from an ever-growing range of new satellites. DEA will enable small businesses to more easily access near real-time information and satellite data to create new digital products and services, supporting industry productivity and innovation.

From our first industry consultation we found the sectors set to make the most gains include land planning, construction, agriculture and mineral exploration, but we expect our disrupters to generate ideas unimagined across the entire economy.

The webinar will include presentations from Geoscience Australia, FrontierSI and CSIRO and will cover many viewing, access and analysis examples, including:
DEA Overview:

  • Industry Consultation process

DEA Visualisation Tools:

  • Visualising time series data products on the web

DEA Access:

  • Access to data from the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) compliant web services
  • Access to data for download

DEA Use:

  • Deployment of the open data cube using 'Cube-in-a-Box'
  • Cloud based data analysis using Jupyter Notebooks
  • CSIRO deployment of the Open Data Cube

FrontierSI are holding two webinars, please register at Eventbrite for more details:

The DEA Industry Consultation is being undertaken by FrontierSI (formerly the CRC for Spatial Information) on behalf of Geoscience Australia.
To get involved and receive further information please register your interest at the DEA website.  If you have any questions please contact Eva Rodriguez and Phil Delaney @