NSW Remote Sensing Tender Opportunity

Remote Sensing Services and Equipment Prequalification Scheme - SCM5841

Agency: NSW Procurement
Category: Engineering and Research and Technology Based Services

Spatial Services, a division of the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation (DFSI), has established the Remote Sensing Services and Equipment Prequalification Scheme (the Scheme). The scheme covers the acquisition, processing and supply of spatial data and remote sensing services. The scheme has been established as part of the NSW Governments procurement reforms, which aim to simplify contracts and tenders and improve opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises to do business with the NSW Government The Remote Sensing Services and Equipment Prequalification Scheme will be administered by the Spatial Services Scheme Manager. The scheme manager is responsible for managing the work categories, evaluating submissions for new suppliers, supporting customers in the sourcing process and running the supplier performance management system, as well as other general management tasks. The operation of the scheme is overseen by a Scheme Committee with membership from Spatial Services internal. Updates will be provided to independent organisations such as the NSW Imagery and Elevation Working Group and the Location and Leadership Group. The Scheme Committee is responsible for governance of the Scheme, including, endorsing and participating in supplier performance reviews, and providing direction and guidance on Scheme operations.

Close Date & Time: 3-Dec-2023 11:45 PM