Opportunity to highlight Australian capabilities and ideas - the future of Landsat

The Landsat series of satellites have provided 40 years of imagery of the Australian continent, and have been a critical input to our use of Earth observation data.  EOA has provided input previously on requirements for future Landsat missions.
NASA and the USGS are currently examining technical options to deliver the future Landsat program, ensuring it is cost effective while satisfying requirements.  A request for information has been released, and is open for input from the international community until the end of the month.  NASA and USGS are clear that they wish to hear about all options - including very different technical approaches - in this process.
From the perspective of the Australian Government, it is important that perspectives from Australian companies and our research community are fed into this request for information process.  The Australian Government is working with USGS and NASA to see how Australia might support/participate in future Landsat missions, building on an already strong relations in the ground segment.

For full details and to submit your feedback please follow the link to the Request for Information.

Submissions due by 30 November 2018,
17:00 Eastern Time (ET)