Update: Horizon2020 Project Call, EU Trade Mission

The enthusiastic interest or participation from the Australian EO community earlier this year at the AU/EU Industry Mission, resulted in several collaborations, partnerships and contracts between companies who attended, and has seen an increase in collaboration both locally and internationally. We’re now 6 months post mission, and there are two key opportunities for your consideration…

Trade Mission to France, European Space Week

The European Association of Remote Sensing Companies, is organising a trade mission in Marseilles, France alongside European Space Week December 3 – 6 this year, between the Japanese, European and Australian EO delegates. This will be a fantastic opportunity for organisations looking for export opportunities or international collaboration to spend an extended time with likeminded companies from many countries.

It will also be the ideal opportunity to find the right kind of partner for the opportunity outlined below regarding Horizon2020 funding for Earth Observation.

Please reach out to Phil Delaney if you are interested in joining this mission, as interest needs to be confirmed before locking in the trade mission details.

Horizon2020 Earth Observation Funding

The European Union Horizon 2020 programme continues to provide opportunities for Australian industry and research to pursue funded collaboration with EU partners through 2018-2020. Importantly, one of the calls specifically requires EU applicants to have partners from Australia or USA as part of their proposal, focused around developing remote sensing downstream applications using Copernicus data. Project funding size is likely to be €1-2 million, and there is a total of €5 million available.

This call opens on October 16, with submissions due by March 2019.

Any organisations interested in creating a partnership for this funding are encouraged to contact Paul Nugent or Phil Delaney about the opportunity. It is also recommended to attend the trade mission discussed above.