Contribute to the future of Earth Observation research infrastructure in Australia - through a symposium or on-line discussion

Your opportunity to contribute to the future of Earth Observation research infrastructure in Australia !

  1. Participate in the Symposium: NCRIS Greater Impact Through Environmental Infrastructure Symposium in Canberra on May 17, 2017
  2. Contribute to on-line survey and post symposium webinar

As part of the forthcoming (next week!) symposium to celebrate the collaborative impact of Australia’s environmental infrastructure, we will be running a workshop to establish how the current and next generation of earth observing satellites and airborne systems can be used as part of Australia’s essential research infrastructure to provide data, geo-spatial information services and analytics for Australia’s environmental monitoring and management activities.

The symposium itself showcases the impact of 10 years of investment into environmental infrastructure, and provides a platform to foster new collaborations and shape future innovations to enable future impact. We have a unique opportunity within the symposium to assess and build on what we have done with EO and create a path forwards  for EO infrastructure through implementation of the NCRIS Roadmap over the next 10 years.

We would greatly value your contribution to this process through one of the two options below, and our follow up activities as part of the “Australian Earth Observation Community Plan – 2026  Implementation.

Option 1:
Attend and contribute to the EO session at the Symposium

The symposium will be taking place in Canberra at the National Library and will be held over three days from Tuesday 16 May to Thursday 18 May 2017.   Our workshop will take place on Wednesday 17 May 1100-1230 hrs – it will be titled “Integrating Earth Observation for Essential Environmental Monitoring in Australia”.  If you are in, around or can get to Canberra for this presentation and discussion it would beneficial to have the Australian EO Community represented and involved!

Our workshop’s title will be updated from“Satellite Remote Sensing – Exploiting Next General Missions” to the correct title this week.

Register for the symposium here

Option 2:

Respond to the questions we will cover at the workshop in the on-line survey:

And participate in a follow up AEOCCG webinar in early June to outline the next steps in buillding Austrlia’s EO infrastructure.