The European Union Horizon 2020 program continues to provide opportunities for Australian industry and research to pursue funded collaboration with EU partners through 2018-2020.  This linked presentation explains the opportunities

The latest Horizon 2020 SPACE proposal calls for the 2018-2020 period can be found here.  Importantly, one of the calls specifically requires EU applicants to have partners from Australia or USA as part of their proposal International Cooperation Copernicus – Designing EO downstream applications with international partners.


An EU delegation led by the European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC) with representatives from companies interested in collaboration around Space and EO activities visited Australia in early March 2018.  They attended planned events to provide collaborative networking opportunities in Brisbane, Canberra and Sydney.  Interested industry, government and research representatives attended these events.  The visiting companies expressed significant interest in engaging with Australian teams around H2020 and other market initiatives. 

For more information including a summary for the events, the company presentations are available for download.

A key outcome from this trade mission was the establishment of supporting gateways through EARSC and the visiting companies directly for Australian companies and teams to seek collaborative partners for H2020 projects.  This provides easily accessed and supported pathways to progress H2020 opportunities from ideas to interest to collaboration to projects for those wishing to pursue H2020 projects.

 The EOA community is also encouraged to consider future use of the H2020 program portal and the H2020 Participants Portal as a useful resource for:

  • Information on what EO related research is being conducted and funded by the EC:Online services for identifying potential international collaboration partners from the EU and elsewhere for the future e.g. CORDIS Partner Service is one of several online services linked to on the Participants Portal.

  • Ideas for future research innovation and collaboration

  • Ongoing opportunity for initiating collaboration with EU partners

The Horizon 2020 program addresses very diverse thematic areas some of which will benefit from collaboration with and integration of earth observation science research activities.  So while future H2020 calls may not specifically target earth observation science there will be opportunities to collaborate and participate in future H2020 call proposals if you seek them out.

We also encourage you to keep in mind the Australian government programs that potentially provide support for your collaborative research opportunities for the future.

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