Collectively, through the EOA, everyone involved in Australian earth observation has the opportunity and a voice to communicate their experience, comments and opinion on current Australian EO issues and studies.  This platform allows us to provide valuable input in assisting the formation of Australian earth observation policy and procedure. 

Your participation in current Australian EO issues and studies is critical to the success of this group!  The more respondents we have involved in our group the more confidence you have that your results accurately represent the Australian EO Community.

So how do you get involved?


Whole of Community Meetings

The group holds several Whole of Community Meetings a year, via webinar, where everyone is given the opportunity to contribute.  At the meetings current EO issues and policy are discussed as well as presentations by guest speakers covering research, private industry, government, education and non-government activities. Everyone is welcome to participate!

Studies & Activities

We receive regular requests from individuals and organisations across all areas of earth observation research: private industry, government, education and non-government requesting feedback and comments from our members towards specific studies and current issues.  Your contributions in these activities are welcomed!


Join the EOA community group and receive email updates on upcoming Whole of Community Meetings,  current studies & activities and current Australian Earth Observation news.  Membership is not mandatory to participate in EOA activities.