Earth Observation Infrastructure

Integrating Earth Observation for Essential Environmental Monitoring in Australia

At the recent NCRIS - Greater Impact Through Environmental Infrastructure Symposium a session was run on 17 May 2017 for Integrating Earth Observation for essential Environmental Monitoring in Australia.   This was a well-attended session but, unfortunately, we ran out of time to complete a full discussion and review of the presented material (see copy of presentation).

The discussion we did have highlighted the fact that our community needs to further identify and discuss EO infrastructure challenges and how to address them, so this was a significant first step that will enable us to do that (as soon as we can!).

A coordinated effort will help us establish what the essential EOS Research Infrastructure requirements are across our diverse communities and to address these using the forthcoming NCRIS Roadmap scoping and implementation processes.  The following activities have been organised to continue the discussion and organise our efforts!

A working group has been initiated, all details are and will continue to be available on this website

We are holding a national webinar on 13 June 2017 @ 1400 (AEST) to continue the discussion started at the workshop.