Earth Observation Australia
aims to:


Address and implement the five priorities (below) of Australia’s Earth Observation Community Plan 2026. EOA will also provide a national forum for communication and coordination of earth observation data collection, distribution, access, product and service development and delivery, and calibration and validation activities. EO will connect across all relevant federal and state/territory government agencies, research agencies, universities, private sector and non-government organisations.



Earth Observation Australia's
goals are to:

Address the following five priorities and their relevant, community based actions:

Year 1 Goals
Entry level

1.  Connection and Coordination — establishing a consistent vision within the Australian EO community, and delivering processes for internal coordination that facilitate effective collaboration, resource use, and advocacy for EO in Australia and internationally.

2.  Securing Australia’s Role in the International EO Community — activating the Australian EO community to deliver benefits to the international community and securing our access to and involvement in international EO programmes, ensuring Australia is seen as an essential component of the international EO capability.

Medium – 2 years
For delivery in year 3 and ongoing goals

3.  Infrastructure and People — developing, supporting and sustaining a wealth of trained professionals and quality infrastructure to enable world-leading EO research, innovation and application development.

4.  Access to EO Data and Services — ensuring all Australian EO producers and users can easily and reliably access the data and services they need.

5.  Generating Value — strengthening end-user engagement to enable delivery of high quality EO products and services suited to user needs, and supporting commercial development of EO applications, and to report findings and work with the Commonwealth Government's Australian Government Earth Observation from Space Working Group (AGEOSWG) and any Space Agency that may be developed by the Australian Government.