Implementation of the Plan is occurring through the following activities:

  1. A management committee has been established with representation from industry, government, research and education sectors.

  2. EOA Inc. has formed linkages with the Australian Space Agency and representatives from Federal and State Government, research and industry agencies.

  3. Building the case for government and external investment for delivering the Community Plan 2026. 4. Work is underway to deliver an Earth Observation Forum late in 2020. This forum will:

  • provide access to the latest and most relevant science

  • link research to industry and government

  • improve and develop public–private defence partnerships

  • discuss commercial progress and reduce barriers

  • improve and develop national coordination and international collaboration.

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Since the Plan was launched in 2016 there have been numerous major developments in Earth Observation in Australia that have been driven by the Plan and our activities around it, notably:

AEOCP 2026 PriorityAction Completed or Underway

1, 2 and 4

Development and submission of an Australian EO community wide submission to Australia's Space Industry Capability Review Process - recommending the establishment of EO as the basis for Australia's space capability:
  • Review Process
 • Australian EO Submission
 Development and release of the Business Plan and the transition of AEOCCG to Earth Observation Australia on 8 November 2017.


Establishment and operation of the "Earth Observation for Government Network" as a national forum to develop and deliver continental scale products in the most appropriate manner possible for national government applications.


To be implemented as part of the development and release of the Business Plan and the transition of AEOCCG to Earth Observation Australia on 8 November 2017.


Development and submission of a 10 year investment plan for earth observation research infrastructure as part of the National Research Infrastructure Roadmap and Investment Planning processes, 2017-2027.


Delivery of a workshop on "Observing the Earth – Opportunities Taking Flight" at the 2017 Science and Technology Australia Science Meets Business Symposium, Sydney, 9 November 2017.