EOA Inc. is a not-for-profit incorporated association. It provides a coordinating point for all Australians using earth observation data (data derived from images collected using satellite, airborne or any other remote technology platform).

We encompass research, private industry, government, education and non-government activities. This includes people working across all natural and built environments, spanning the earth’s atmosphere, terrestrial, aquatic, urban and marine environments.

EOA was formed to enable anyone who collects and uses earth observation data to have a forum to share and discuss their activities, and define their needs for support from industry, academia and government. This is not a solely government - or industry - or research-focused group, nor is it a spatial-science special interest group.  EO spans all disciplines and sectors. It provides an inclusive and collaborative platform to improve access to and use of earth observation data for Australia’s benefit.  

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The EOA feeds into the Australian Government Earth Observation from Space Working Group (AGEOSWG) as required by Australia's satellite utilisation policy.


figure: Australian Government Coordination Framework for Civilian Space Activities (Australia's Satellite Utilisation Policy)


Banner image: Andreas Eisele, formerly with CSIRO and GFZ (Germany), in the field. Photo take near Dwellingup, WA at the ALCOA Huntly bauxite mine.  Collecting plant phyiochemical measurements and spectral measurements to associate with airborne hyper spectral data. Image provided by Dr Ian Lau, CSIRO.